Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Manual. Rev.00 dated May 9, 2023



With the implementation of an Environmental Management System, OML LAZZARI Srl commits to consolidating the image achieved in its sector by paying the utmost attention to environmental issues. This commitment includes a constant dedication to environmental protection, prevention of pollution in all forms, compliance with legislative requirements, as well as meeting the expectations and needs of stakeholders.

The Environmental Management System systematically defines, plans, and documents the organizational and technical activities adopted by the organization and their interactions with the environment.

These measures are aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Constantly monitor environmental risks in accordance with the requirements specified by stakeholders.
  • Ensure leadership at all levels of the organization and provide adequate resources to stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Enhance professionalism and improve external image by gaining credibility in the market, which can be demonstrated through certification.
  • Coordinate all activities influencing the quality of performance in terms of environmental preservation.
  • Minimize and reduce the environmental impact of business processes through careful analysis of product life cycles, consumption, and emissions of any kind resulting from production activities.
  • Eliminate the possibility of environmental incidents.

To this end, the Management provides:

  • Ensure that the Environmental Policy is understood and supported at all levels of the Company’s organization.
  • Provide the necessary resources to stakeholders for achieving objectives, both in terms of financial and organizational resources.
  • Encourage continuous improvement of individual skills and environmental awareness of every employee through active participation in training activities, so that employees’ skills become part of the company’s assets.
  • Encourage continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Environmental objectives are achieved only through the collaboration of all company resources.

Continuous improvement can be achieved through:

  • Efficient and effective management of the organization, expertise, and awareness.
  • Reduction of non-conformities, costs, and natural resource consumption
  • Containment and reduction of environmental impacts in the workplace and throughout the product life cycle.
  • Constant attention to hazardous and potentially polluting incidents to prevent their recurrence in the future.
  • Involvement of third-party suppliers in environmental protection.
  • Attention to the prevention of emergency situations and readiness to respond to them, through emergency management simulations.
  • Commitment to compliance with applicable regulations and requirements.
  • A business development strategy that meets the expectations of stakeholders such as suppliers, personnel, customers, regulatory bodies, and certification bodies.

OML LAZZARI Srl is committed to making this Corporate Policy available to stakeholders through publication on its website http://omlazzari.it/ and display on the company noticeboard within the offices.

The Top Management
Ervino Lazzari

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