Quality Policy

Quality Management System Manual, Rev.00 dated January 11, 2018



Taking into account the continuous technological evolution of applications and the specific needs of customers and the market, OML s.r.l. aims to consolidate and develop its presence in the sector through continuous improvement.
Aligning with the contents of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, OML s.r.l. defines quality as the combination of the following concepts:

OML s.r.l. aims to become one of the top companies in the sector by developing a business model capable of adhering to:

  • Standards, laws, directives, and regulations concerning quality, environment, and safety;
  • Customer requirements;
  • Human relationships with internal and external personnel.

The values that OML s.r.l. believes in are:

  • Integrity: proud to be a group of honest and loyal individuals;
  • Transparency: sincere and clear towards customers and all stakeholders;
  • Responsibility: committed to the well-being of the company; Consistency: focused on doing what we say.

The present Policy, in line with the Risk and Opportunity Assessment and the Operational Context Analysis, is based on a set of principles that refer to specific strategies and objectives.
This translates into:

  • Ensuring compliance with contractual, technical, and quality requirements, including mandatory ones;
  • Increasing product and service reliability;
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction;
  • Developing and optimizing processes and know-how.

Which constitute the basis for achieving the objectives of the management system translates into:

  • Strengthening the level of competence, professionalism, involvement, and motivation of employees;
  • Promoting the cultural growth of the company and the search for the causes of problems that occur;
  • Integrating and training young personnel to remain competitive in the future;
  • Providing adequate resources (facilities, means, plants, equipment, machinery, and apparatus) with effective investment management;
  • Ensuring a high level of maintenance, safety, and reliability of available resources;
  • Guaranteeing a favorable working environment;
  • Maintaining a high level of supplier performance.

Which is focused on:

  • Defining measurable and comparable objectives and goals, with related indicators, considering quality and environmental aspects in every action and decision made, and pursuing continuous improvement of performance;
  • Promoting problem-solving and preventive activities;
  • Consolidating the company’s structure and size;
  • Consolidating and increasing the number of customers and understanding market needs;
  • Promoting initiatives aimed at monitoring and improving customer satisfaction levels;
  • Preventing and reducing environmental impacts, particularly by operating through proper management aimed at respecting the territory;
  • Implementing effective accident prevention measures and containing harmful consequences for the environment by adopting the best economically sustainable available techniques.

Which is focused on:

  • Raising awareness among both internal personnel and external stakeholders, such as Suppliers, Regulatory Bodies, Communities, and Various Organizations, about the commitments of this Policy, particularly regarding environmental and quality aspects;
  • Motivating employees to develop a sense of responsibility towards quality and the environment at every level, also through training programs;
  • Educating, with particular attention to new generations, about environmentally respectful behaviors and proper use of natural resources.

The Top Management fosters the application, improvement, and development of the Company Management System and ensures that the principles contained in the Manual, Procedures, Operational Instructions, and general information are disseminated, understood, and shared by all employees and collaborators.
The company’s strategies are consistent with the Risk and Opportunity Analysis and are aligned with the Business Plan and periodic Management Meetings, all within the context of economically sustainable choices capable of generating income for the company, systematically evaluating their actual validity through risk and opportunity analysis.
Finally, the Top Management verifies, during the periodic management reviews, that this Policy is made available, disseminated, kept active, and in a correct state of validity and adequacy to business strategies.
The review of the quality system consistently and thoroughly reflects the concepts expressed above and indicates, through the periodic monitoring of process indicators and subsequent actions, the actual implementation of the company’s strategies

The Top Management
Ervino Lazzari

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